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Drawing the net of a cuboid

Drawing the net of a cuboid


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-Oh, dear, poor cuboid.
That is a nasty cold you have got.
I know, it is not always easy to play the part of a shoebox in a film.
What are we going to do?
We are supposed to shoot an action scene in a few minutes.
Good idea, we can make another shoebox that will stand in for you while you get better.
First, we have to draw the net of the cuboid that will replace you.
So, we need a piece of stiff cardboard.
Wait, don't go!
We need you to help draw the net.
We are going to draw the outlines of each face.
Look, put yourself in the middle of the cardboard.
There we are.
Now, I will draw the outline of your inside face.
We have just drawn the outline of one of your six rectangular faces.
Now, we will draw the other five.
Swing over onto your side, please.
You, see, each outline of a rectangular face needs to fit against the previous outline.
Just one more to do on this side, there we are.
We have four outlines of your rectangular faces neatly lined up and the colors show your opposite faces.
Yes, you are right.
There are two more opposite faces that we need to draw.
Why do we not put one on each side?
Get into position, please.
If you look, you can see that there are several ways to draw the outlines of a net.
We could draw the last two outlines here and it would still give us the same shape.
All done.
We have a magnificent net of a cuboid.
Now, we just need to cut around the outlines and to fold it up along the edges.
We have made a fantastic cuboid!
Some makeup and there we are!
We have a new shoebox that looks just like you.
Oh, dear, your cold is not getting any better.
Why do you not go and have a rest?
Your stunt double will stand in for you until you feel better, won't you?
Places, please!
The next scene is the shoebox stunt scene.


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