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How to recognize a cuboid

How to recognize a cuboid


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Hello, everyone and thank you for coming.
I am going to need you all for our fabulous stage set.
We are going to have two geometrical figures.
Please, calm down!
Everyone will get to play a part.
As we are going to make two figures, let us separate you up into two groups.
Has anyone got an idea on how to split you up?
Yes, that is true.
You all belong to the same family, prisms.
You all have rectangular faces, but what makes you different?
Let us see.
What about you?
Yes, you!
Let us count your rectangular faces.
One, two, three rectangular faces.
And one, two triangular faces.
Not all of your faces are rectangles.
Do any of you have only rectangular faces?
Those that do, go and stand on the left.
And the others, on the right.
Now, let us have a look at those on the left first.
What is the matter, do you not know how many rectangular faces you have?
Do not worry, we will count them together.
One, two, three, four, five and six.
You have got six rectangular faces.
And your opposite faces are perfectly identical.
That is perfect.
You can go stand with the others that have got six rectangular faces, too.
You are all a special type of prism, you are all cuboids.
Wait a minute.
You, behind the prisms.
Yes, you, the little cube.
You do not know where to go?
One, two, three, four, five and six.
You have got six square faces.
And as a cube is just a type of rectangular prism, you are a cuboid.
So, of course, you go with the cuboids.
Right, let's go.
To your places, please.
The audience will soon be here, quickly, there is no time to lose.
Everyone in place for the figures!
Wow, that is great.
Your figure is fantastic!
Thank you, everyone.
Those are two magnificent figures.
We can start now, but hush!
We do not want the audience to see you before the show starts.


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