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Compass points

Compass points


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-Well done, Pirate Pete.
That is a good hiding place for your treasure.
Nobody will find it there.
Not even you!
You did not draw a map?
Luckily for you, I saw you hide it.
Between the palm tree and that coconut over there.
No, not so close to the coconut.
Another step towards the palm tree.
You are getting warmer.
Found it!
You need a better hiding place now.
And remember to draw landmarks on your map to know where to find it.
That is a good landmark.
Now, can you find another one?
Come on, think.
What could show you the direction from the palm tree?
Think of something that sailors use to find their way.
A compass!
Great idea.
You will not get lost with that.
Do not panic, Pirate Pete!
Make sure you find all the little parts of your compass and we will have it fixed in no time.
The most important part is the needle.
Wherever you are on Earth, it always points to the North.
Now that we found North and South, we can find the two other compass points.
The East is where the sun rises and the West is where the sun sets.
Can you see that strange flower on the face of the compass?
It is a wind rose.
Its petals show the direction of the eight principal winds.
There we are.
Your compass is fixed and working.
Five steps North from the palm tree.
Well done.
Now, your treasure is truly hidden.
And thanks to your map, you will always be able to find it.
Unless someone steals it, of course.
But, well, that is another story.
Good luck, Pirate Pete!


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