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Which way does the world turn?

Which way does the world turn?


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-Hey, there is no need to get angry, Pirate Pete.
You are red enough as it is.
Paloma the Pirate has not touched your parasol.
Are you sure that it is the Sun that has moved through the sky?
Okay, that is a good demonstration, the problem is that the Sun does not move.
The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus proved over 500 years ago that the Sun was a star and that it did not move in the sky.
You have been tricked by an illusion.
Maybe the best way to understand is to see what happens from higher up.
From the Earth, it looks as if the Sun orbits the Earth but when you are in space, you can see that the Sun is perfectly stationary and that the Earth rotates around its own axis in one day.
What is more, it orbits the Sun in one year.
You see, Paloma, the Earth's rotation made Pete think you had moved his parasol.
That gives us the impression that the Sun is orbiting the Earth.
But Pete got sunburned because the Earth is rotating on its axis.
You see, there is nothing to fight about.
The Earth always rotates anticlockwise.
The Sun does not move.
It is the Earth's rotation that makes it look like the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
Keep that in mind the next time you set up your parasol.
Things are not always how they appear to be.
The Earth is not at the center of the universe and will keep on turning without us.


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